The Slack Family Bluegrass Band
Papa Joe Slack
Papa Joe - Guitar/Vocals - Other than a few odd idiosyncrasies here and there, Papa Joe is your normal every day guy. From the moment he was birthed out by Momma Slack in that creaky old cabin back in the holler, he was singing before he could even talk! His first guitar was made by his pappy and consisted of a broken broom stick glued to a shoe box and strung with binding twine. To say that music was in him from the beginning is a vast understatement!
Andy (Third Degree) Burns
Andy (Third Degree) Burns - Mandolin/Vocals - Andy is one of those guys you take a shine to from the moment you meet him and he grows on you the more you get to know him. Andy is not the type of friend who will bail you out of jail. No, he is the type who will be sitting next to you in the cell laughing about how great the night was and how he can't wait to do it all again the next time!
Nick (Smiley) Harlow
Nick (Smiley) Harlow - Banjo/Vocals - Rumor has it that Nick was born as a twin. His other half was a banjo and they have been inseparable ever since. Nick's dad used to drive him around town as a youngin' looking for jams that Nick could sit in on so he could learn those tasty chops he has refined over the years. He was playing onstage with Uncle Leroy at the age of 14 and has been playing with the Slacks for 20+ years. He is in high demand and you may see him sitting in with other local and regional bands on occasion. Somehow his facial smiling muscles got transferred to his fingers and now he does all his smiling on the banjo fretboard. It sure is something to see.
Greg (Slick) Harrup
Greg (Slick) Harrup - Upright Bass/Vocals - Greg is a recovering rockabilly bassist. He has been pounding that doghouse with bands for 30 years in Richmond and throughout the East Coast. He has been with Chrome Daddy Disco and the MagBats to name just a couple. Through some intense therapy and brainwashing, we now have him in the bluegrass/Americana world and he has been playing with the Slacks now for pert near ten years. He is a song writer and singer in the band.
Lance Koehler
Lance Koehler - Drums - Every once in a while you will see the Big Slacks, which includes the Slack Family with Lance on the drums. Not only is Lance an accomplished drummer playing with one of Richmond's and the nation's favorite bands, No BS Brass Band, he is also the owner, operator, and janitor of Minimum Wage Studios in Richmond. Lance recorded the Slack Family's fourth CD, "Graceful Drifters".
Slack Family Bluegrass Band